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Air Conditioning Installations – What We Will Do for You


Our aim is to make sure that, for you, getting a new Air Conditioning system installed in your premises is simple, transparent and very worthwhile. Call us to arrange a quote for a new Air Conditioning installation and we will;


  • Take a few basic details from you and arrange a time and date to meet you on site
  • Carry out a comprehensive site survey to establish what type of Air Conditioning installation would suit you best and what size of system you need
  • Prepare a detailed proposal for you, giving you all of the information that you need to make a decision on whether or not to accept our offer based on the whole life costs of the system(s) we recommend and the suitability for your specific application
  • Our site surveys and proposals are no cost and no obligation
  • We will only recommend Air Conditioners from the world’s leading manufacturers, because our years of experience in this industry has proven time and again, that these brands are the most economical in the long run
  • We will only send the best, fully trained and qualified engineers to your premises to carry out your new Air Conditioning installation, and they will respect you, your staff and your customers at all times
  • We will take care of all aspects of the new Air Conditioning installation, including the electrical works
  • We will be there to support you, 24/7, for the life of the Air Conditioner that we install for you
  • We will make sure that your Air Conditioning installation is fully compliant and advise you on all legislative requirements both at the time of the installation and as and when the law changes
  • We will honour our duty of care to you, our customer

Call us on 01923 662 844 or contact us here to arrange a quote for a new Air Conditioning installation

Getting A New Air Conditioning System Installation from Kingswood Air Conditioning

We know that keeping your indoor environment at a consistently comfortable temperature, whatever the weather outside is doing, means a more productive and comfortable workplace for you, your staff and your customers.
We have built our business on a solid understanding of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems.

With our years of experience and our expertise, you can rest assured that Kingswood Air Conditioning has the knowledge, skills and resources to design your new Air Conditioning system and to professionally and reliably install and then maintain it.

We are not a ‘fit it and forget it’ company, but will be there to support you for the life of your new Air Conditioning installation to make sure that it keeps running at its optimum level. For this reason we only recommend Air Conditioners from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, LG and Fujitsu.

We are proud to be Daikin partner, with engineers that have been carefully trained to install and maintain the full Daikin range of Air Conditioners, including Chillers. Subject to a regular maintenance regime, we can therefore offer an extended warranty with all new systems installed.

R22 Replacement

From 1st January 2015 it became illegal to use any HCFCs to service RAC equipment.

If you have an old Air Conditioning system, the chances are that it could work on the banned refrigerant, R22. R22 is a HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) refrigerant with an unacceptably high ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential).

The ban on the use of HCFC gases represents a very real business threat to any company which uses refrigerants like R22 in their process cooling or air conditioning systems. R22 remains one of the most commonly used refrigerants in the UK so many organisations are going to be affected by the ban.

While it is still okay to run a R22 system, breaking into the refrigerant circuit to maintain these systems or adding more refrigerant in the event of a leak, is no longer permitted. Given that most Air Conditioning Kingswood Air Conditioning - R22 Replacement systems leak to a certain degree, in practical terms this implies that any equipment that is of strategic importance to a business should no longer be using HCFCs and the users of such systems should have a plan in place to replace them. To do nothing is not a sustainable option given the serious implications and potential costs.

If you have a R22 system that must be changed you could be faced with a large bill to remove the old system and all of the pipework before installing a newer model. Although it is best practice to change all of the interconnecting pipework where possible, we can in some instances reuse the existing pipework which will reduce both the costs and the inconvenience.

The good news is that the newer generation of Air Conditioners is much more energy efficient and therefore less expensive to run than the old R22 systems and so you should see a return on your investment in the new unit very quickly.

Call us on 01923 662 844 or contact us here to arrange a quote for a R22 Replacement system

Recent Installations

  • Cassettes 50% 50%
  • Wall Mounts 20% 20%
  • In Ceiling Ducted 20% 20%
  • Under Ceilings 10% 10%
  • Splits / Multi Splits 65% 65%
  • VRV 35% 35%

All new Air Conditioning systems that are supplied and fitted by us come with a no charge maintenance agreement for the first 12 months.  

Kingswood Air Conditioning offer a thorough and well organised Air Conditioning service. Their engineers are always polite and efficient.

Adrian H.

Manager, Digital Industry


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