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Air Conditioning Maintenance, Service and Repairs

What We Will Do for You…


When it comes to Air Conditioning maintenance, service and repairs, whether we installed the system in the first place or not, we know that you need an Air Conditioning company that you can trust. Call us about an Air Conditioning maintenance package, or a one-off service visit, and we will;


  • Assess your Air Conditioning equipment and provide you with a proposal for a Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement or a service visit that also takes care of your statutory F-Gas checks (where applicable)
  • If your Air Conditioning is not running properly, we will investigate the issues and provide you with a detailed report and quotation to put it right
  • We will warranty any replacement parts for 12 months, subject to appropriate maintenance and use
  • We will only send the best, fully trained and qualified engineers to your premises, and they will respect you, your staff and your customers at all times
  • As a valued contract customer, we will be there to support you, 24/7
  • We will make sure that your Air Conditioning system is fully compliant and advise you on all legislative requirements throughout the period of the maintenance agreement
  • We will honour our duty of care to you, our customer

Call us on 01923 662 844 or contact us here to find out more about a Planned Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Systems

Avoiding Air Conditioning breakdowns is a significant priority for all of our clients. Our years of experience in the industry has also proven that regular planned maintenance is essential to ensure efficient, trouble-free running of any Air Conditioning system.

Cutting back on maintenance has been proven to be a false economy. A reactive approach to maintenance, such as repairing the system only when there is a problem, significantly increases the whole-life costs due to premature component failure and inefficient energy use. In short, avoiding Air Conditioning maintenance costs more in the long run.

Our Planned Maintenance agreements are specifically tailored to suit your particular environment and installation, and the frequency of our maintenance visits will be agreed with you to ensure the optimum reliability and efficiency of your system.

Our maintenance visits always include the following activities:

• Check and clean the outdoor unit and indoor unit coils and fins
• Check fan, fan motor, compressor and compressor mountings
• Check all electrical connections
• Check operation of heater and any interlocks
• Check fuses and test operation of electrical isolator and protection devices
• Check condensate pump and float/sensor
• Check and flush condensate drain and tray, descale and add water treatment as necessary
• Check condensate drain pipe work for water tightness
• Check air ducts, air grilles, filters and insulation
• Check refrigerant pipe work for integrity and thermal insulation
• Monitor refrigerant suction and liquid line temperature and pressure
• Check expansion valves
• Check start and running current
• Check Delta T across coil in cooling and heating modes
• Check unit operation, controls and settings
• Ensure unit is clean and free of damage

Breakdowns and Repairs

We know how important your Air Conditioning is, which is why at Kingswood Air Conditioning we provide fast, efficient and cost-effective repairs, irrespective of whether or not we installed the system in the first place.

We guarantee that we will use only the highest-quality parts from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Daikin and Mitsubishi, and we will never use cheap imitations.

If we identify a major repair, we’ll provide you with a quotation so that you can stay in control of costs.

Our Air Conditioning repair and breakdown services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and with the team at Kingswood Air Conditioning to support you, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that if your system breaks down, we’ll do everything we can to get it back up and running again – so that your business doesn’t suffer.

Call us on 01923 662 844 or contact us here if you have an Air Conditioner that needs to be repaired

Recent Maintenance Clients

  • Splits / Multi Splits 35% 35%
  • VRF / VRV 20% 20%
  • Chillers 10% 10%
  • Fan Coil Units 20% 20%
  • Refrigeration 10% 10%
Our Maintenance Contract customers benefit from preferential labour rates and reduced parts prices.
If your Air Conditioning is business critical, a maintenance contract with us will guarantee that we attend to any breakdown within 4 hours of your call.

Kingswood Air Conditioning are a very user friendly company.

They offer us the flexibility and technical assistance we require. Quotes and correspondence come back in a timely manner enabling us to offer a good service to our clients.

Richard B.

Contracts Manager, Facilities Management Company


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